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Thursday, 16 March 2017

From Shrewsbury with Love

A fair town is Shrewsbury
The world over 
You'll hardly find a fairer,
In its fields of clover 
And rest-harrow, ringed 
By hills where curlews call,
And, drunken from the heather,
Black bees fall.
Poplars, by Severn,
Lean hand in hand,
Like golden girls dancing
In elfland.

-The Elf, Mary Webb-

The first trip I took after I went to Aberystwyth was Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury is no longer in Wales but in England, so things may seem the same but yet you will notice quite a significant difference. Shrewsbury is a town that borders Wales.



p.s yes, I am resurrecting my blog as a result of my love for fashion & travel. I know that all older posts has been like 70% travel. I will try to come back to fashion more.

Whenever you travel out of Aberystwyth, Shrewsbury will seem like an inevitable stop which you will have to take. Rarely there will be train that takes you straight to Birmingham. 

Shrewsbury is a market town and it is much bigger than Aber especially in terms of like shopping experience but its architecture has very much remain a typical Tudor and Georgian style. It definitely has that balance and feel that I really love. A mixture between new and old.

I went with my two new friends, Hannah & Bonnie from Busan, Korea. They are such sweet and lovely girls. They were studying in Aber for a semester. 

We decided to do a day trip since it is just around like 2 hours train ride. 


I am someone who really love beautiful garden with lots of flowers and trees <3 Hence, the enchanted garden at Shrewsbury was a place I really wanna visit. The Dingle was not open but the walk around was simply perfect. 

I could definitely see myself having a picnic there if not for the cold cold weather. 

Shopping in Aberystwyth is pretty limited. When I saw all the shops in Shrewsbury, I was like YYYYYAAASSSSSSS..............


Well, apart from the oh so beautiful scenery of the nature, something else caught our attention, especially Bonnie's. >< 

# Can you spot them?

It was the first time for all of us to see Rowers in training. Mind you, they do look attractive when they row. I mean, just close your eyes and imagine some cute looking British boys flexing their muscles and rowing the boat. lol lol. I mean, I enjoyed the view for a brief moment but Bonnie.... Bonnie did not want to leave. :p

#  Why do people no longer build awesome
architecture building like this anymore?

I absolutely love Shrewsbury. Been there a few more times after my first, including a time whereby Chloe and I spent a night there since we missed our train back to Aber. I do not mind living there forever <3


Thursday, 18 August 2016

From Scotland With Love (Glasgow & Edinburgh)

“Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.” 

I spent my Christmas 2014 with C and his family. I am so blessed to meet a guy who has such a loving and kind family that welcomes with me so much. <3 It was a short time in Maesteg and I had to leave on Boxing Day itself because I was leaving to Scotland for NEW YEAR! or as they say it in Scotland, HOGMANAY!

# Guess who I found OMW to SCOTLAND.
DOCTAAAHH! It's me, your next companion.

Adeline picked me up from the Manchester train station on the 29th and the first thing we did was PRIMARK SHOPPING! Holla... I did not shop in London at all nor did my Cardiff trip, I deserved this.

I crashed at her place and her room was HUGE!! what kind of student accommodation that could fit like a whole family of 5 in! Apparently the kind in Manchester.

We left to Glasgow the very next morning to meet CMY.

On a side note: I've been having knee injury since my Winter Charity Run in Aberystwyth, and so I took Ibuprofen for like the first time in my life and I had SERIOUS ALLERGIC REACTION TO IT! Literally my eyes swelled so badly and it was secreting these nasty sticky liquid and I could barely see. I went to NHS emergency ward on my own and gave the nurse a scare. Honestly, the wait for longgggg.... n my phone was low on battery but the nurses & doctors there the nicest and most amazing people eeeevvvveeerrrrr............ they would go to the extra mile to take care of me and I have never been this love! It basically made the worst day of my life to be so much better. I requested for a jab instead of pills because I told the doctor that I am not scared of needle and I am going Scotland tomorrow! I can't be seen like these! Hospitalised for half day and then Fitzwilliam came and took me home.

So that being said, I had no make up on the entire trip in Scotland.


# Double vision

Mei Yen studies in University of Glasgow. Can I just say that the university itself is like a town on their own and the building looks like Hogwarts. I was so amazed with the architecture and man... if you could study in a Uni like that, you would die. At the university, we did the Mackintosh House Tour.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Scottish designer, artist & artist. The Mackintosh House was a reassemblage of Mackintosh original house in Glasgow.

The wind was insanely cold though. I guess it wa like the peak of winter and I was in Scotland but boy, I was wearing 3 layers and I was still freezing. I feel very sad when the weather is so cold because I just don't want to do anything or be anywhere.

#I tried Haggis for the first time in my life and I AM SO SORRY SCOTs... 
I love everything about your culture but I can't do Haggis.. I just can't. 

Glasgow Cathedral

One of my favourite place was the Glasgow cathedral. It was so magnificent to my eyes and to see this classic Scottish Gothic architecture medieval Cathedral was just an amazing experience. Apparently it looks really great at night as well. 

# viewpoint from the necropolis

# Nofilter

To be honest, the walk at the Glasgow Necropolis next to the cathedral was one of my favourite moment. This cemetery is unlike anything that I have ever seen before and you get a really good viewpoint of Glasgow when you reach the top.



# One thing I noticed in Glasgow was there were so many amazing Street Art
that literally play with your illusion for a sec.



We took a bus that cost between £1-4 and it was a 1 hr journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh. We booked a room from Air B&B and it the house was amazing!!! Like this guy is minted! The entire apartment is bigger than my house back in Ipoh and UK houses are small ok. However, it was hilarious because I think he is actually renting out his parents house while he lives there and his parents has no idea because I discovered something but nevertheless, amazing host, cool guy and the place was just great.

3 girls, 3 different university, 3 different country 
but one root... Ipoh babies <3

# Streets of Edinburgh are getting ready for tonight

We found this unique small little cafe located at one of the back streets and we knew we have to try it because they were servong Scottish Breakfast! When in Scotland, you have scottish breakfast :p 

# Omnomnom... it was so goooddd

I absolutely love Edinburgh. It is so rich in culture and the gothic architectures are so stunning and I honestly would love to live there. Obviously it was NYE and the place was jam pack. There were like gazillion Cashmere shops and yes they are insanely expensive. I nearly bought one as a souvenir but then I was like, really though Jane.... really? it was insanely pricey even for just a scarf.

Lots of street performers as well which I am not sure if they have them often but it was NYE so probably more on that day. You can always do a Whiskey Tour & Tasting as well if your are interested. 

We were actually hunting for the cafe which JK Rowling sat in and wrote Harry Potter in Edinburgh known as The Elephant House but unfortunately, it was'nt exactly near where we are, So we went to take a look at the Edinburgh Castle instead.

# I have no idea why my face is not in this picture nor any of the pic of the castle. 

# View point from the castle

# I love this place. 

# Back to December

# When the sun comes down, the wolves are out to play ;)





Thursday, 16 June 2016

PART 2: From London With Love

Last day of London is pretty much the craziest day. First stop


The Natural History Museum is FOC to enter and it consist over 80 million or specimens located within. Before you even step foot inside, you would already be awed by the magnificent architecture. 

The museum is located at South Kensington. Initially the held a competition to design the museum and Captain Francis Fowke's entry actually won but he died shortly after and so Alfred Waterhouse took over and revised the scheme.

You can already spot people wearing santa's hat :p

#The main hall.

# I've already hinted to Fitzwilliam as to which cut I like heh

By the time we finish touring the museum, we were already famish and we have decided to splurge on lobster at non other than ....

BURGER & LOBSTER @ Harvey Nichols

Th nearest tube is Knightsbridge but for whatever reason walking there became the choice we took. It is always nice to walk when in UK especially London. We passed by some major buildings like Albert & Victoria museum and obviously Harrods. 

# Apparently the Duke of Edinburgh is banned from entering Harrods. IDK how true is that or if it is actually still going on but that is what I heard.

#Look at what Winter did to mah lips :(

I actually asked my dad when I was there for the second time whether he knows who owns Harrods and my dad who is pop culture clueless actually said "I knnnoooowwww... Princess Diana's boyfriend...." I was like "GOOD JOB dad... even though it is the father but close enough!" Kudos. Proud daughter moment. ><

I did not bother to go in to Harrods which I kinda regret but at that point of being flat broke and actually walking into Harvey Nichols, I can't afford anymore temptation.

# A very tourist moment for me.

As usual, if you are having Burger & Lobster, you know you will be on the waiting list but good thing is, you can actually walk around Harvey Nichols and do some shopping in the mean time. Guess what, I bought the most expensive beauty product ever in my life but it was also the most magical eye cream I have ever bought and used. I died. 

# It cost me £50 but you do get some freebies.
Made in England

# Blessed <3

Literally have the best time ever eating that. It cost £20 but if you just want to taste it and on a budget, sharing that with your friend is not a problem. Honestly, I ate every last bits of the lobster. I am an Asian, I know how to savour every last bits of a seafood. >< 

But seriously, I can't believe my friends just eat the meat and be like "OK THAT'S ALL!" I was like..

 So I ate theirs :p

It would't be a complete London trip without saying HI to the Queen now would'nt it?


It has such a long history obviously but it was called Buckingham House prior to Buckingham Palace because it was named after the first Duke of Buckingham & Normanby, John Sheffield. In 1837, Queen Victoria became the first monarch to reside there.

# Green Park 

#Dusk in London <3

I never got a chance to visit the inside of the palace but it is open I think during the summer to the public for a fee. I heard that the Garden is a must to visit though. I wanted to bring my mom there during summer but in the end I chose Kensington Palace instead because I felt that visiting Princess Diana's previous home will be more meaningful to my mother. 

# They said if the flag is up, means the Queen is home ^^ Royal Standard flag
So close yet so far

# Queen Victoria Memorial

My train was at 6.30pm and I was all alone in London by the time the sun has set and I was waiting for time to past. So I knew there is one final stop I need to make before leaving London and that is a picture of the TOWER BRIDGE


Now, I was properly educated by Fitzwilliam that this is NOT THE LONDON BRIDGE! and so I am here to educate others who make the same mistake I did. This is the TOWER BRIDGE, NOT LONDON BRIDGE. 

I took my parents there during summer and we were walking towards London Bridge itself and my dad saw the Tower Bridge and he was like "No no no, we are not walking there it is too far! we can see the London Bridge from here!" By the time he said that, we were already standing on the London Bridge and I made them look at the sign that says London Bridge That disappointing and baffled look on their face were priceless.

# The Tower Bridge is really magnificent and postcard worthy though.
It may not be the bridge we sing about since we were kids but it sure is beautiful,

# HMS BELFAST on River Thames

Honestly, I may be all alone travelling with luggage at night in London but I have never felt more safe other than being in Aberystwyth. To me, it was really not a problem if you are a girl and you want or need to travel alone. Of course, still take whatever necessary precaution but I would not be advising against it at all. 

I had the worst travel experience on my way back though. As usual, train connects using Virgin from London to Birmingham and then it change to Arriva Wales back to Aberystywth. The Virgin train got delayed and I missed my Arriva train and it was my last train back to ABER! I was not going to stay in London for another night. Do you know expensive is that? The answer is very.

The guy that represent Virgin Line told me "Oh you have to speak to someone from Arriva Train because the train that connects to Aber is Arriva, not Virgin, so there is nothing that we can do." So i went to the Arriva counter and then they said to me "Oh, the one that was late is Virgin train, not our problem." I was like at a moment of flipping table at someone!! Literally. 

Thankfully the National Rail counter was still open, so I approached them. Thank You God that they managed to sort it out all for me. So basically


If you want to save money and buy split tickets, National Rail can't do anything for you or responsible for you if any of your train got delayed and you miss the connecting train. It happens quite a lot though but it does save you a sum of money. However, if you buy a direct ticket that cost more, anything happens, National Rail will make sure you reach your destination with expenses fully paid by them.

Example of SPLIT TICKETS: 

If you buy like a direct LONDON-ABERYSTWYTH ticket, you will still have tickets that says 
LONDON-BIRMINGHAM, BIRMINGHAM-ABERYSTYWTH but you will have one extra ticket that says LONDON-ABERYSTYWTH. So if anything were to happen, National Rail will make sure you get from LONDON TO ABERYSTWYTH.

I have missed the last train to be back in Aber, so what they did was to put me on the next train to the nearest station aka SHREWSBURY and then a cab will take me back to Aber from there. The journey was so bad guyssss.... windy roads! I threw my bus ticket away and got train ticket to escape this TORTURE!!! SO why am i paying extra to go through this.

I have a best cab driver though. He was so sweet and kind to me. He even made sure I have someone to pick me up from the Aber train station before leaving. By the time I saw Fitzwilliam's face, I literally fell into his arms cause I was so tired.... so so physically and psychologically tireddd..... but still an amazing trip <3

# Forever love


“Go where we may, rest where we will,
Eternal London haunts us still.” ― Thomas Moore